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Little White Shirt (LWS)

We've all heard of the LBD (Little Black Dress), but let's take a moment to appreciate the LWS (Little White Shirt)! I mean, little black dresses are great for a girly night out, cocktails or a special date - but none of those things have ever taken place in my classroom! So earlier in the year, I splashed the cash on a white, button up, collared shirt for $12 from K-Mart.

The best $12 I have ever spent!

White business shirts are so versatile. They can be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts, leggings, with a statement necklace, under a jacket or jumper, dressed up or dressed down. I have worn my beloved $12 wonder to school - even though it is white, because I'm not going to fall apart when it gets inevitably stained. I have added some pics of me styling it in different ways - for work or the weekend.

If you don't have a LWS, I suggest that you get out there and nab yourself one right away. The best investment your wardrobe could have! (And you can wear it while teaching or drinking cocktails!)

Ange x

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