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So, recently my Mum bought me this funky little white hoodie with the word "Magnifique" emblazened across it. My first reaction was "I am never going to wear it.", but I of course thanked her and accepted it graciously. (I practically banned my Mum from buying me clothes, after she very kindly put patches on my first pair of ripped denim jeans.) When I asked Mum why she bought it for me, she replied "Because you are." Aw, thanks Mum. xx

I actually kind of liked it, but for some reason, every time I went to wear it, I couldn't. I had planned to wear it for a @teachersontrend photo, but every time I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, I took it off. What was wrong with it? I liked the cut, the way the fabric fell, the "street" look it had.

Then, it occurred to me.... "Magnifique." The word "Magnifique." That's what was wrong.

magnifique (french) (adj) wonderful, splendid, glorious, excellent.

What if everyone thinks that I think I'm magnifique? What if everyone thinks that I think I'm so cool? What if everyone judges me? What if everyone thinks that I love myself? I'm not magnifique or cool. In fact, I'm a bit of a dag!

And that's where I got to thinking... why do we women have so much trouble loving ourselves in our adult lives? Now this blog isn't a pity party for me. I have lots to be grateful for and life is good, but we women need to take a long look at ourselves and realise our own worth and the worth of the women around us. We are a remarkable breed. We do amazing things. So why not believe that we are "magnifique?"

When I was six years old, maybe even 12 years old, I would have had no problem wearing that hoodie out in public, not because I knew I was "magnifique" then, but because it was ok for me to suggest or believe that I was. What happens in the transition from girl to woman?

As a teacher of young girls, I feel a huge sense of responsibility to nurture and encourage their confidence, self belief and potential. Empowered girls = empowered women. Who knows? Maybe I will pop on that hoodie in public some time....

Thanks for reading,

Ange x

P.S. You are magnifique!

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