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Where the Wilde things are...

Vegan leather jacket by Wilde Willow (my Image)

I recently stumbled across Australian label Wilde Willow online, when looking for something to wear to the MBFF Highlights Show. Time was running out and there was no sign of my clothes. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time there has been a delay when shopping online. So I decided to send Wilde Willow a quick email asking as to its whereabouts. What happened next, was truly amazing and has made me a Wilde Willow supporter for life!

Now I knew that Wilde Willow was based in Brisbane, but what I didn’t know, was that Wilde Willow had their Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival debut this year. The creative behind the label, is Stella Morton who hails from Byron Bay, but now resides in the big smoke of Brisbane. Stella’s own childhood in Byron has strongly influenced her designs resulting in a feminine, ethereal feel to many of her pieces. However, Wilde Willow also has structure and texture in their clothing, offering something for everyone - from the gypsy, to the rock chick to the mother. All the while, there is an earthiness and accessibility to every design, with sizes going up to 14.

I digress…..

So I was in the middle of my school day, a Wednesday, and the MBFF Highlights Show was two sleeps away (as we say in school). My mobile rang and while it is normally impossible to answer your phone, there was a lull. So I took the call. It was Stella Morton. I was a little bit stunned. The actual designer was phoning me AND she had just debuted at MBFF that same week! She was going to look into my query directly and get back to me. By the end of the evening, we were text buddies. On Friday afternoon, I received a text from Stella saying that she had personally delivered the items to my house and that they would be waiting for me by the door when I got home from school.

I excitedly drove home and on arrival, I was blown away. There was a crisp white bag with parcels carefully wrapped in white tissue paper and tied delicately with ribbon. (I, however, was not so delicate with my opening of them!) Now I ordered a blue sequinned dress for the occasion, which was there – great! But wait, there’s more! Stella also included a gorgeous studded, vegan leather jacket, (right up my alley), a white mini dress and a blue sequinned blazer. I was touched by her generosity and the lengths that she personally went to, to make up for the delay. If there was “A Best Customer Service of All Time” award – Wilde Willow would take it, hands down.

What I love the most about fashion (in my VERY limited experience), is discovering the story or philosophy behind the clothing and this experience has shown me that Wilde Willow is a three dimensional label. Young, creative and soulful. Stella Morton is the walking definition of her brand – earthy, approachable, kind and free spirited. She is someone, that despite her ongoing success, is still at the very core of the Wilde Willow label and I am very impressed by that. Her creativity and ability is undeniable.

Thank you Stella, for going above and beyond.

So if you’re looking to revamp your Spring wardrobe or add a little boho to your life (check out the Joplin flares, as seen in pic…OMG), Wilde Willow is the place for you. Just another example of the amazing, creative talent we have here in Australia!

Thanks for reading!

Ange x

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