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A 'Jolie' good night!

And no, this is not an Angelina Jolie reference, but rather a fashion event held at Le Bon Choix last Saturday evening. Jolie is the brain child of model, entrepreneur and Miss World 2015 National Finalist, (phew!) Hannah Park. The event raised funds and awareness for Dress for Success Brisbane, which is a branch of the Suited to Success global charity. The objective of the charity is to offer support and guidance to disadvantaged women in Brisbane. It provides practical support by providing them with a winning interview / work outfit and assisting them with their resume, communication skills etc. All in all – Dress for Success Brisbane, aims to help disadvantaged women gain financial independence and freedom. ALL money raised from the event was donated to them. Worthy? I think so.

The setting was absolutely beautiful as we sipped champagne under the twinkling fairy lights, draped decadently around an enormous tree. (I’m not a botanist – so I won’t dare name the species type!) It was sophisticated and elegant, but still had that relaxed, Brisbane vibe. It made me appreciate just how awesome this city is. There was live music, gorgeous French canapés and all too drinkable martinis. If the event had stopped there, I would have been happy, but the spoiling continued.

Upon taking our seats, the first thing we noticed was our VIP goodie bags (I love a good goodie bag!) and the lovely ladies next to me were already having a dig around theirs. I couldn’t help but overhear one say - “Oh look, there’s a $100 voucher from Black Jacket Suiting in here.” Eh? Pardon? (as they say in France) so I did some investigating of my own and yep, sure enough, there it was. Amazing. I knew this was going to be a VERY good night.

The parade showcased the seemingly endless supply of talent we have here in Brisbane - Moreno Marcos Designs, Ubermen, Urbbana, Black Jacket Suiting, The 400 Co, NATSUKO, Kabel Apparel and Jack Sullivan Designs. Each piece so unique and beautiful, but I was swooning over Moreno Marcos. I loved the soft, pinkish tones contrasting with the black and the different use of textures. Hannah also kept her guests entertained, by adding a variety of creative performances to the evening, including a solo ballet performance by Laura, stand up from Jess and a risqué burlesque performance from Satine and Rosetta to boot. This certainly had some eyes popping! Each model, designer, hair make-up artist and photographer, volunteered their time to make the evening a huge success. Either Hannah has some excellent persuasive skills OR there are a lot of really kind and generous people in this city! I’m going with a bit of both.

I was super impressed by Hannah’s attention to detail – including the presentation of a single red rose by the models to the VIPs as a final finishing touch. Will you accept this rose? Yes, yes I will.

Congratulations to Hannah and all the people behind the scenes who made Jolie such a fantastic evening. Downside?

I ate my box of macarons in one sitting.

Thanks for reading!

Ange x

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