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Your Summer Wardrobe Solution!

So ladies, it’s getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. It’s time for trips to the beach, backyard barbies at friends, a cold one in the beer garden or a cocktail on the rooftop, Christmas parties with colleagues and family reunions. Yep, it’s time to get busy having fun! The quandary is what to wear…. Something that can easily be dressed up or down, that’s colourful and stylish, suitable for the young and old, comfortable but sexy, that celebrates your assets and skims over your flaws, feminine but bold….. IMPOSSIBLE you say?

I give you the KAFTAN!

So you may have noticed that there is definitely a kaftan revival taking place at the moment and at the forefront of this is kaftan connoisseurs and new brand, Lila and Lily. Lila and Lily is a Sydney based business that was established at the start of this year. It specialises in all things kaftan and "kaftan –esque", including tunics and even round, organic Turkish towels (I must admit that the prospect of lying on a big circle instead of a rectangle, does excite me – sad but true!)

Lila and Lily really do believe that if you look good, you feel good. This philosophy was learned after successfully co-founding and establishing the amazing Queenspark chain. Even then, they couldn’t help but notice how comfortable and beautiful, women of all ages felt and looked in a kaftan. This resulted in their sale of Queenspark and the eventual creation of Lila and Lily. With a whole lot of experience like that behind them, it’s safe to say, Lila and Lily know fashion and more specifically, Lila and Lily know kaftans. Their kaftans are sourced out of India from progressive manufacturers with artisan skills and passion that is unique to Indian culture. They are truly stunning pieces.

The kaftan really IS the embodiment of the Australian lifestyle - summer oriented, outdoorsy and relaxed. At first glance, you might think that a kaftan looks a little shapeless, but when you wear it – it’s a WHOLE other story. As soon as I slipped mine over my head, I felt immediately comfortable, I loved the way the fabric fell and felt. It celebrated all my good parts and (after a winter involving several hot chips) it banished my worst. I have worn it with flats, heels, off the shoulder, beads or bling, sunnies and a hat, high pony tail and chandelier earrings. There really are no limits when it comes to styling them, especially when there are so many prints and colours on offer. I am wearing the Wild Thing kaftan, (I love a little bit of animal!) from their Savannah Sands Collection. It has gorgeous hand-beaded detail and slits up the sides for a little bit of a swit swoo factor. While it is a sheer fabric, the pattern is so busy that you could easily wear either a bikini, body suit or a slip dress underneath depending on your confidence levels and where you're going! There is a huge selection of styles available including short or long kaftans and tunic tops, in a stunning array of colours.

Now we all know that there are a lot of kaftans available out there, that may give your credit card a mild heart attack! Lila and Lily understand this and offer their original and unique brand at an affordable price. Mine is available for $150 and the quality is outstanding. Still too much you say?

Well, we’ve got you covered!

Just follow us on Instagram, enter the code “TNT20” at the checkout before the end of December and receive 20% off your purchase. That's your Christmas and New Year parties sorted!

Lastly, with a busy social time ahead, comes lots of food. You know what I’m talking about – the cheese, the cured meats, the canapes and wine…….

Why hold back?

Just wear a kaftan and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading,

Ange x

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