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Ring-a-ring-a-Poco Posy!

You’ve got a special occasion coming up, a birthday or an anniversary, a work mate is going away or maybe someone needs a pick me up and you just don’t know what to get them.

What’s the very thing for all of the above?

Flowers. Fresh flowers. Who doesn’t LOVE fresh flowers? Yet have you ever Googled “cheap flowers delivered”, clicked on a florist and found that maybe they’re not so cheap or, they’re cheap as in crappy cheap? You spend the next half an hour scrolling up and down, examining bouquet after bouquet and eventually settle on one. You make your choice (based on the perfect photo before you) and you are then asked if you would you like to add a stuffed toy, chocolate, fruit, wine or a vase!? No thanks. I just want flowers!!! Then comes the final blow, the $15 delivery fee and after all that, the lucky recipient sends you a thank you text with a photo of your flowers attached. They look NOTHING like the ones you chose on the website! Now don't get me wrong, this isn't every florist, but it definitely has happened to me. Scarred, I resort to supermarket flowers. They aren’t bad, but wouldn’t you rather support a small, independent Australian business? A sister who’s doing it for themselves?

Introducing, Poco Posy and the creative and lovely girl boss behind it all – Bec.

Once upon a time, Bec was a high flyer in the finance world, doing the responsible adult thing by having a successful and secure career. However, she became disillusioned and found the work lifeless and frankly quite dull. She did not have a passion for the industry and ultimately decided to leave it behind and follow her real passion – flowers. Bec has loved flowers since she was a little girl and vividly remembers the roses growing in her mother’s garden. She was constantly picking flowers from her neighbours’ yards to give beautiful little posies to her Mum. It was this childhood memory that inspired Bec to create Poco Posy in 2013. (‘Poco’ being Italian for little and ‘posy’ meaning a small bunch of flowers.)

This real love of flowers is reflected in Bec’s beautiful arrangements. There is something very earthy and natural about them. She instinctively knows what flowers and colours to choose and exactly where to put them. They really do look like they have been plucked from a green paddock somewhere or from a roadside in the country, making them very unique. When you look at them, you can tell that Bec really loves her job and that each posy is treated with a whole lot of TLC.

You’d think that they would cost a small fortune, but the reality is that Poco Posy makes gorgeous, delivered flowers affordable for anyone, because everyone deserves a little sunshine in their day, right? Bec’s simple business model is not a new concept, but she was the first to bring it to Brisbane and here it is:

  • One arrangement a day in three different sizes.

  • Single - $30 (as photographed)

  • Double - $50

  • Triple - $80

All lovingly wrapped up and rustically presented in a piece of hessian!

And here’s the sweetener – it INCLUDES DELIVERY within a 15km radius of the Brisbane CBD. Simple.

Poco Posy has a website at and Facebook and Instagram accounts of the same name. It is here that you can see real photos from her customers and find out what the next day’s posy will be. So start liking and get following!

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience some Poco Posy magic! It will brighten someone’s day and maybe even your own!

Thanks for reading,

Ange x

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